October 4th, 2021 Keeping businesses afloat during a pandemic!

As the CVOID-19 Virus continues to spread, more and more companies are now advising employees to work from home. This growing trend is no doubt putting companies, employees, and customers through a rigorous test because if one component is affected, it sets off a chain reaction which also spreads to the other two, much like the virus. And if phone calls are the main form of communication between the company and its clients, not having employees at their desks means the company is losing out on revenue, employees are confined without pay, and customers can’t get what they need. Truly a lose lose situation. However, if a secure and convenient VOIP phone system is in place, the problems mentioned above can easily be rectified. With the various voice solutions offered here at BY Solution, employees can access their phones remotely to continue their engagement with their clientele at the comforts of their homes, without having to worry about being exposed to the virus. Contact us today for a more reliable and convenient solution that saves you both money and headache! Last but not least, please remember to wash your hands and avoid crowded areas so you are doing your part against the virus.